Living at Montave

Every morning, we are faced with the decision to rise up and face new challenges or to remain in bed and assume that time has stopped. Time and time again we choose to keep moving, to try one more time and to reach for our dreams. Why do we do this despite the challenges, the disappointments and rejections? Because we have something or someone to motivate us. We can call it the WHY factor. For each person, it is a unique thing.

We are in a world where we are required to meet expectations or standards and to balance our different roles in our lives perfectly. Sometimes we need to rejuvenate or renew ourselves and stay motivated because time is still moving.

It helps when you are in space where you can work on your dreams, enjoy life, unwind, and balance all your roles in life. It even helps when you are surrounded by people who are working to put their stamp on the world like you, trendsetters, dreamers, and achievers.

That is what living at Montave is about.

You wake up, get to the gym on time, workout for the recommended duration and work towards meeting your fitness goals. You get to the office on time without sitting in traffic and work towards achieving your dreams. In the evening, from your penthouse you enjoy the amazing view of the city and the infinity pool as you unwind and think of new ways to go after your dreams. At the restaurants and shopping mall, you get to interact and network with people who share your dreams or challenge your perspective. This is what life will be like in Montave.

Come make your mark at Montave.

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