Life Without Traffic in Nairobi City

Traffic is probably the worst possible frustration there is for working class citizens. From the annoying lane-changing matatu drivers to motorcyclists who overtake you as you sit in traffic that you both detest and envy. Many are the times you feel like getting out of the car and walking to your destination may just be faster than sitting impatiently in traffic.

The number of things you could get done with the time you spend sitting in traffic are endless. I know most of us have thought or even wished for just a day where you did not have to commute from one place to another. A day when you can happily tick off everything you had planned to do at the end of the day.

Imagine getting to sleep in for an extra hour on a Monday morning, taking a jog to the gym, if that is what you prefer, jogging back to your apartment after to prepare for the day ahead.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you can chose to prepare some in your beautiful apartment that features an open-plan layout and enjoy it on your balcony as you look out at the panoramic views.

That is just a tip on the iceberg. You can take a 5-minute walk to your office, a prestigious working space with a 360-degree panorama of Nairobi city’s surrounds, and still get there early enough, ready to face the day. Would this not be a sign that will guarantee you a great day ahead? You will manage to have more work done as you have saved time and energy avoiding the usual commute and traffic jams that are known to take a toll on us.

Lunch O’clock and you cannot stop thinking of that amazing meal you safely stored in your fridge at home? Well, it is a relief that you can get to your apartment in 5 minutes and sit back to enjoy your meal as you admire your view of the infinity pool or even catch up with that episode you have been waiting to watch.

If you like taking naps, this can also be your opportunity to refuel your energy with a 30-minute nap before getting back to the office in time for your afternoon plans and meetings.

After work, most of us receive invites to a coffee or cocktail social meeting but decline due to exhaustion or just the mere fact that going home to freshen up for the evening is not practical as you have to commute to and fro and you will still have to get home after the cocktails. Tiring, I know.

What if I told you that you can dash home freshen up for the evening cocktail and meet your friends all in a matter of minutes? You will make it in time to enjoy the sunset and toast to a great day at Montave’s leisure extravaganza that includes elevated gardens at the 3rd floor with relaxed seating and fire pits providing a nature-inspired escape from the city.

Seems impossible, right?

This is why you need to make your mark at Montave where you can get all you need in one place and not just for a day but every other day. You will also have VIP access to the shopping mall that embraces an outdoor piazza to create an amphitheater of entertainment with vantage views of the Golf Couse any time you need to go shopping.

What’s not to love at Montave? You have the chance to turn your dreams into reality and make your mark here and maybe, just maybe, forget what traffic jams are all about.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


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